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Our current project

Still Moving

Co-director Suzanne Chi teams up with Carla Mann bringing you an evening of contemporary dance and film. 

Dancers in Shadow

On Stage

Join us at Reed College's Performance Lab Sep 20-22 and 27-29, 2024! Still Moving features work by award-winning choreographer Andrea Parson.  Our cast of female dancers over age 40, each with deep and diverse experience, defy ageist assumptions about who should flourish on stage. Tickets will be available this summer through Reed College Events.

On Screen

Our partner film project is a documentary taking the viewer behind the scenes in the creative process.  Footage of these women—in rehearsal, conversation, daily life, and performance—reveal intimate views of their lives in dance; lives lived in profound investigation of embodied experience.  The film will be released following the conclusion of our September performance.

Dancing Hands Touching

Our Ask

We are seeking assistance with our documentary film-making!  A 30-minute film of this nature involves a film crew to follow our cast, collect interviews, and curate hours of footage into a compelling story.  Help us reach our $29,750 goal!

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