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We are thrilled to share our new dance film with you! Silt & Bone is available to view HERE February 12 - 26, 2021.


When a cataclysm is foreseen, this tribe of women must leave their home. They embark on a harrowing journey through an other-worldly and unforgiving environment.

Silt & Bone was shot on location in and around the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Mitchell, Oregon, USA. We acknowledge that the area on which we filmed is a part of the traditional cultural lands belonging to the Original People of the Northern Paiute and Tenino Tribes. 

*We are so excited to share this work with everyone! If you are in a position to contribute the cost of your ticket, we are gratefully accepting donations through our Venmo.

Produced by Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance
Directors/Choreographers: Suzanne Chi and Rachel Slater
Dancers: Elizabeth Bressler, Suzanne Chi, Rachel Slater
Cinematography: Scott Ballard

Sound Design: Heather Perkins
Editors: Molly Preston, Sara Robbin
Camera Operators: Dicky Dahl, Brad Norton

Costumes: Rio Wrenn, Tracey Durbin

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